Day trip to Myajima

It is one of the most famous places in Japan besides Mount Fuji: “Shrine Island” Miyajima (宮島) in front of Hiroshima. Almost every tourist coming to the country has seen images of the gigantic Torii (鳥居) standing in the water before, and the tame deer are also well-known all over the Internet 🙂

Gone with the wind in Fukuoka

It was midnight in Kyōto, I was sitting in the lounge of my accommodation and was fed up. It had been raining since my visit to Nikkō. I had planned to spend five days in Kyōto and Osaka, but that plan didn’t make much sense anymore. Especially since the friendly Japanese man next to me had just explained what was going on: Typhoon Lan had been upgraded to a Super Typhoon and would hit Osaka on its way to Tokyo over the next few days. Kyōto is practically next to Osaka. The forecast mentioned wind speeds of up to 130 kilometers per