Welcome to… the Republic of Moldova

Many people think that there are no white spaces on maps anymore. Tourists in the Himalayas seem to bump into each other at the top of Mount Everest and have been able to post to Instagram via a special mobile network for years. Former “insider locations” are now served by budget airlines. But one doesn’t have to travel far away: The Republic of Moldova, one of the world’s least visited countries, is located between Romania and Ukraine – just two hours from Frankfurt by plane. The exact numbers differ, but most statistics agree that much less than 20.000 international tourists

Russia: Planning, Preparations and Immigration

I’m a train nerd and so I’ve always wanted to go to Russia and ride both the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Сапсан (“Sapsan”, russian for “Peregrine falcon”, a variant of the german ICE). While sitting over my travel plans for the year 2017, it became apparent that there would be a two-week “hole” in my calendar between February and June. Somewhere in my mind a memory about a huge military parade in Moscow in early summer or so started shouting loudly. One Google search later I knew that the yearly “Victory Day” (День Победы) parade would be held on May 9, the