A visit to the Kamakura Owl Forest

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Meine Reiseroute innerhalb Japans findet ihr hier.

We already know it from Seoul or Busan: Asians really like their Animal Cafés. Cats, sheep, meerkats, raccoons, kangaroos, everything is possible – even owls. Like in Kamakura Owl Forest (鎌倉乃フロウの森), which I passed by at the end of my visit to Kamakura. This is not an actual Animal Café, however, more like a kind of petting zoo.

The birds live in an air-conditioned, quiet, spacious room on the second floor of a building in the middle of Komachi Dori (小町通り), which was a very good idea with all the heat and noise outside. The owls may be viewed from a distance of not less than 30 centimeters and can be petted over the head with the back of the hand, as long as the want to be petted. Overall the operators seemed to have put much more thought into the well-being of the animals than the Owl Cafes in Tokio, for example. The entrance fee was 600 yen (about 4.50 euros).

They had everything from a tawny owl to a snowy owl. The snowy owl seemed to be of especial interest to Harry Potter fans.

Two very busy squirrels also lived between all the owls. For some yen you could buy small balls with food granules, but a staff member always took that there was not too much fighting about the food and that the squirrels didn’t get too fat. I wonder what the owls thought about having live food right in the middle of the room, but not being able to get any of it?

Afterwards I went back to Tokyo, where the picture in the next post are finally from 😉

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