The abandoned french factory

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We could hardly believe our luck when we passed this building during a sunday afternoon stroll. An actual Lost Place, in the middle of a residential area, almost on our doorstep. A sign and some window barriers pointed to a guard service being on duty, but obviously they hadn’t come here for a while. The door was open.

Obviously this had been some kind of factory, but even after a lot of research we could not find out what had been going on here. The labels on the walls were particularly confusing. Which company had built a factory in the northern Black Forest, but assumed that the staff spoke French? What had been produced here? When were the operations shut down? These questions still remain unanswered.

The main hall had probably been vacated long ago. According to the writings on the wall, several production stations were located here. Some of them seemed to have been connected to pipes. I suppose the decommissioning was carried out by professionals, metal thieves would probably not have done such a clean job. Maybe the building was to be sold or rented out again, but they couldn’t find an interested party?

We entered the main corridor on the other side of the large room, from which several small rooms branched off. Probably the main entrance had been located here and we had used a side entrance.

Luckily I had brought all my photo gear with me that day, otherwise we would have had to come back later. We remained undisturbed except for some playing children who rushed through the ruin once.

Ducts in the floor, strange markings on the walls… two more rooms with an unknown former function. Only one thing was certain: Danny was here 😉

Either the guard service had done a better job than we thought, or the building was not yet known in the local graffiti scene. Otherwise the walls would have been in a much worse condition.

Staircases on both sides of the building led to the attic. It seemed to have been used as a warehouse, at least partially. One of the stairs was equipped with this hatch, through which loads could probably be carried upwards with the help of a pulley.

I wonder if the beautiful carpet had always been up here? The rest of the building had been cleaned out very neatly, so maybe some visitors had brought it with them later. There seemed to have been a lot of those visitors. At least they had left traces in the form of broken glass and chip bags everywhere, and the carpet was burned in one or two places…

As always, we disappeared as quietly as we had come, leaving nothing but footprints …

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  1. It is nice to read your articles. I have stumbled across your page as I was reading your article about the giant red hotel in the alps. I was there a few years ago, as well. It is nice to see that you’ve visited the Murgtal. I am from this region. About your mysterious French factory in the Black Forest… I think I know the place. Is the right building still used for storing fancy bathroom stuff? Up until the late 1990s or so we were still occupied by the French, this building was originally from the Wehrmacht and later used by the French military. Most of the buildings have been reused or demolished by now. Just a few meters away from this building there used to be an abandoned French elementary school. There used to be so many other abandoned places in this town but they were all demolished during the last years. It is a shame that you missed the giant factory which was demolished in 2016.

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