The ruins of St. Petersburg

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This article is about Urban Exploration. I won’t share addresses or coordinates in public. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!

“The Ruins of St. Petersburg”? Really? Didn’t it look like everything was in excellent condition, at least up until now? And you can’t complain about this colorful new building here, can you?

That’s what I thought was well, and I was already on the verge of disappointment. No Urban Exploration for me in this city? Had they really already demolished and rebuilt everything? Well, luckily they hadn’t, and on the second day I came across these beauties 🙂

House Number One

New buildings to the right, ruin to the left. I was able to just walk in from the street, no security, no “Do not enter” sign, and most importantly no homeless people or drug addicts.

The Office Container

I wonder what had happened here? This container seems to have been some kind of temporary office for a real estate company, but then it probably went up in flames and was “disposed of” at this corner. It didn’t look very old to me, maybe one of the clients thought the commission was too high?

…or one of the employees finally had it with the printer, which is something I could fully understand 😉

The Unfinished Building

Close to the house and the container I found my way into the remains of a small unfinished building. I think it would been used as an office space and not a residential home.

But you could also find something interesting in the middle of the city, right at the waterside!

I wonder what I would have found on the other side of this door…

Today I say goodbye with a panorama shot taken from the hotel room balcony again, this time it was taken at 10:30 PM. All the sunlight was really starting to mess with my sleep pattern…

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  1. Hey Simon, welcome in the Peter the great land !
    Nice pictures indeed ! If you are looking for unusual site I suggest for example:
    1)Derzhavin garden
    2) Alexandria Park ( near Peterhof) where you can find a gothic chapelle and an imperial cottage
    3) Near Moskovsky Vorota…the big miniaturised Russia …
    4) Put your feet in Baltic see near the lovely cottage of ilya Repin in Repino , nord of Spb
    5) Cheaper breakfast…enter in the church not far from Icebreaker Krasin ….you know Nobile story ?

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